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Your exciting adventure begins with Kris Academy. You will have the opportunity to learn all the skills necessary to be a successful and competitive lash artist from a real industry professional.


Micropigmentation (include eyebrows, eyes and lips) training course provides theoretical and hands-on learning and gives students all the skills they need to set-up their own studio or incorporate the treatment into an existing practice. 


Lashes(Classic, volumen, Lash leas and Design) Synthetic eyelash extensions are attached to each individual hair with precision. Learn to apply lash extensions to create a classic & natural look or a fuller, more dramatic one.

Plasma – Fibroblas

Plasma Pen is a non-surgical technique that stimulates production of collagen, tightening the skin and rejuvenating it drastically 5-10yrs back. By applying small thermal points of Fibroblast on the epidermis layer the wrinkles disappear and the sagging skin shrinks. Results are 3 yrs long and can even be permanent. The Pen is FDA approved for Fibroblast mesotherapy.
Benefits of this therapy:​
Rejuvenates skin layers
Erases wrinkle lines
Tightens of loose and saggy skin
Resurfaces the skin
Improves elasticity and collagen
​The technique is applied with the Plasma Pen (aka mole & skin tag remover) to deliver heat with an electrical zap onto the surface of the skin. It then causes a thermal mar on the epidermis similar to a burn and activating the natural collagen to bring the desired results. This treatment is applied every 3 weeks or monthly, depending on the desired speed of the wrinkle removal. This procedure is used on the face, neck, legs, stomach, arms, hands, buttocks, knees and chest..

Teeth Whitening

Start a Teeth Whitening business, with our online teeth whitening training course which provides all the tools and support you need. You’ll gain essential knowledge about how to provide this service to clients while maintaining regulations and safety guidelines. Suggestions for pricing, marketing and waivers are all provided so you can be up and running quickly.

One of the biggest things in the teeth whitening industry today is regulation. Our Teeth Whitening Certification course is designed to teach best practices in order to be in compliance with state laws.


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